Additive Manufacturing Solution for Custom Orthosis

Solution for designing and manufacturing custom 3D printed orthosis with 3D scan data of the human body

Additive Manufacturing Solution for Custom Orthosis 

3D Scanner

Because of its moving, scanning the part of human body should be performed accurately and quickly.

RealDimension is developing MediACE3D Scanner which can acquire 3D scan data from the part of human body accurately and quickly for 3D printed orthosis solution. 


A 3D CAD software that can design custom orthosis quickly and easily is absolutely required for processing whole manufacturing steps rapidly from prescription to manufacturing and wearing.

MediACE3D that utilize patented template design algorithm enables to complete custom orthosis design within 30 minutes by beginners, even professional tasks that take hours using general CAD. 

3D Printer

To manufacture a 3D printed orthosis, the most appropriate printer should be selected with considering durability/flexibility required by the orthosis, available materials, printable size with considering orthosis size and proper placement, printing speed and flow, finishing operation, overall cost, etc.

RealDimension provides customers with the validated materials and 3D printers including setup and operation know-how for 3D printing 


Due to the characteristics of orthosis that wear on for a long period, it is recommended to use medical antibacterial material that suppress fungi, bacteria and can help to prevent discomfort such as skin troubles, odors, and so on.

RealDimension supply the validated filaments for 3D printed orthosis and medical devices. 


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